weak CPU

Hi. the short message.
Make optimization for weak CPU, please,like my - pentium G3440.
usually i play with 50-60 fps, but sometimes have freezing and 20-25 fps, when textures are “on loading” by central processor but not my GPU (gtx750), because when they loaded fps is 60 again.

and sorry for my english speak.

Because loading textures make your CPU work a lot, and slows your pc down for a second.

they are improving optimisation, but it’s still really an incomplete game.

for now, try turning on PVT in the f2 menu, helps me.

Maybe your hdd cant load textures fast enough, when your game is loading textures watch for your hdd’s activity, maybe it has a hard time loading everything

Are not the textures loaded to RAM before you start playing?

Thanks for answers, i’ll try.

Yes probably, but player made buildings are not, it has to load them when you come close enough

I think the construction blocks are loaded into RAM and then, the server sends position data about where they are placed on the map, so the client load them, from memory, into their right position.

small upd:
PVT dont work. just add more freezings

and than more buildings and animals - than more freezs i get. also, i get freeze when try to attack an animal.

sry for my eng.

turn off nearly everything in the F2 menu, turn draw distance down to half and start game with fast graphics options If these solutions dont help you buy a new pc.

the game needs a minimum amount of hardware to run properly. although they will eventually optimise it, which may make it playable for you, it sounds like your computer may simply need to be upgraded/updated and is not sufficient for rust.

The G3440 is a pretty low end, dual core budget CPU. It’s not exactly gaming grade hardware. I can’t imaging that would perform too well with Rust in its current state of development.

That said, Rust is in alpha. Optimization is something that’s done in the final steps of development, not in early alpha stages. They need to get all the world, objects, graphics, features, etc into the game before they can even hope to start optimizing in any significant way.

I have no doubt that once Rust is a final, polished product, that it will be scalable to run well on a wide variety of hardware. But in the short term, you’re either stuck with the performance issues or you need faster hardware to run it.

The recommend specs are a bit ambiguous. It lists broadband as recommended but not as a minimum. Good luck connecting to a multiplayer only game with no network connection? XD

But yeah. Anyway. Sorry but no amount of optimization is going to make the Pentium G3440 good for gaming. You need to get yourself an i5 at least.

Sounds no different than anyone else with a decent rig. Sorry, you are not really giving a lot of information here to go off of.

Upgrade your cpu?