Weapon and Armor parts

Last time when i played i find some weapon and armor parts and i do not know what are. I aslo find a F1 Frag granate BP.

PS: How to attach fashlight to any weapon, i know it’s bugged, but i saw some players with working flashlight mod.

The attachments have a chance of eating your gun or not, and it seems like it’s more likely to eat it. The attachments should be working properly after tomorrow’s update.


Ask anyone who has played long enough to get attachments, they’ll tell you they do.

its true man, every gun i tried to put attachments on…gone :frowning:

Yeah. Any weapons that already had attachments on them work fine, but when you go to put an attachment on a weapon as of now, it seems to disappear.

Yea Like survival said ask anyone. I have a holo, laser, and flashlight ones and i tried putting a laser and a flashlight it on a p250 and it worked but someone killed with it and i lost it so i made a new one + a shotgun and attempted to place the flashlight on the shotgun and it disappeared and i also put a laser on the p250 then it disappeared so yea DON’T do it.

ALSO! syndicate really you camped outside my house and killed me when i left while you were streaming, funny + fail because you will never get into my house!!!

You know, I think he asked for the source if there was going to be an update tomorrow.

still dunno what the armor parts are for … :confused:

Well even if there isn’t an update tomorrow, I hope to christ there’s a wipe, it’s impossible to join as of right now.

Each time I even try to connect my whole internet disconnects. I’m not even going to bother until there’s been a wipe.

When I said source I meant the last half, that there’s an update tomorrow, did Pat say something somewhere?

Helk mentioned that there’s going to be a pretty nifty and sizable update on Monday. Not sure what time of day, though, so I’ll stick to the start of the day.

Did he happen to mention what was going to be Added/Fixed/Removed?

Sadly, no. But I’ll guess some of the most common glitches will be fixed, not sure about other things though.

Best we can do is hope some of the major bugs are fixed in the update.