weapon balance

I want to apologize that I do not speak English, and my message and My text is a translator
I want to offer idea on control of a gameplay in your game. I think it will be better if than a gun like AK-47, a rifle and others, were created on different important objects. Tank or airport for example. There will be there a machine or a fabrikator which will work at fuel and only on it it will be possible to make the high-class weapon. the weapon will be created some minutes. then the weapon will become more valuable and on these objects will pass mass battles. Also I think it is possible to add handicraft guns like double-barreled gun, the fowling piece or the self-made gun which can be made without fabrikator. I hope my ideas will be useful and will introduce more interesting in game. If this is so, please answer my steam. Yours faithfully lord_sithov