Weapon condition.

Hello guys, i’m requestin’ that Weapon Condition should be added.
Rock - On combat,5 time only used. Will break. On hitting big rocks and getting woods. 40 Times.
Guns : Will affect accuracy when broken. ( Can be repaired by putting metal fragment into the gun )

Nice idea huh? More like Fallout, more like Rust. :rock:

40 uses for a rock would literally fuck over new spawn

Weapon decay is ESSENTIAL for firearms. Hatchets maybe not so much, definitely pickaxes. Rocks? No.


What if you could find them randomly on the ground?

its just a really shit idea that only belongs in a game like stalker or fallout and they actually got it right

I disagree

This isn’t Minecraft. You are using iron weapons. It would just be stupid. Guns jamming? Maybe. Don’t like it too much but it could be done. Weapons just randomly falling apart? I know this game isn’t about realism but screw that. It is unrealistic and it would be annoying. And 40 hits with a rock? Jesus christ people would get nowhere in the game. And 5 hits in PVP? You would only be able to get one person. What if somebody is 2v1ing you?

So if you hit a rock 40 times it will break, but if you hit meat with a rock 5 times it breaks?