Weapon conversion for TTT

Hello, if your looking for someone to add custom weapons to your ttt, m9k or fas2, contact me on skype and ill help you, as i have all fas2 weapons on my server!
Skype: a5hfo4jsb

Did you steal those too “Elite scriptor”?

i made them myself troll

Probably stolen from Kamshak or me/OzymandiasJ

Nope, never heard of you, we can compare code, and you can see its not yours or that other guy.

Why anyone would want m9k in their server is beyond me. Its not even networked or predicted in the slightest. Also what exactly are you doing? Be more specific, tell the person what you are going to do and why they should chose you to do it. Looking at your short track record on this site it seems you are just stealing code and claiming it as your own. On top of your very childish demeanor.

I’d sort of be interested since there are some quite nice m9k models and the features like bullet penetration or ricochet sound like a cool idea

Although most M9k to TTT conversions I’ve seen are a fucking mess and sloppily done

Bullet penetration and ricochet are awfully done in M9K; in general, it would be more beneficial to make an entre physical bullets system instead of trying to modify normal bullet directions with vector angles. Also, models aren’t tied to a single base; you can easily take an M9K model and put it on Mad Cow’s or CW.

Alrighty, closing this thread since this forum is, as far as I know, for public releases, as opposed to asking people ton Skype. If you want to remake this thread and upload your content to dropbox, that would be perfectly fine, otherwise it’d be best to take this elsewhere