Weapon damage problems

I know that damage is localized now so if you hit a person’s head it will do different damage then hitting their torso, and I’m fine with that. However, its very unpredictable right now, even if you hit someone in the same place, it will do varying damages. So it would be nice if that was sorted out and damage is more consistent. Also when you die it would be nice to have that zipper noise like in Legacy.

in part it’s that it’s more complex than that. if you hit the eye, it does more damage than certain parts of the head. there are sections in the spine that deal more damage. the heart deals heavy damage. can’t remember which devblog they introduced the system, but it had a picture of the bones and their respective damage levels.

I think that’s a bit too complicated, I would rather just aim for their head, and get a consistent amount of damage.

It would be fine if it just was, Head, Neck, Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs, and Feet.

yes and no. their hit detection works via the bones of the model instead of hit boxes, so it’s (supposedly) very accurate. i guess they figured, if you have a system that detects a shot to the eye, why not have damage that represents it? i personally like being able to shoot a bear in the fat jiggle;)

I don’t feel being grazed in the ear warrants dying via headshot. I personally like how complex it is. It makes things much more difficult and realistic.