Weapon Giving Player Extra Speed and Higher Jump

Hey guys,

So this is what I’d like: I want to have it so that when a weapon is equipped then the players speed increases, as well as the height of their jump.

Anyone got any codes for that?


Player:SetWalkSpeed and/or Player:SetRunSpeed

If you want additional functionality ( Hook to determine if player is allowed to drop weapon, and hook called when player drops weapon ): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/_hooks/playerdroppedweapon.rar – Just extract to addons.

Dropping is another form of removal; Holster function only determines whether or not player can put the weapon away. Deploy should work fine for equipping / switching to.

Don’t forget Player:GetJumpPower and Player:SetJumpPower for setting the height of the jump