Weapon grade tiers?

So, we’ve seen the M249, which is pretty sweet. A lot of discussion has been about whether or not it should be craftable, and I see both sides of this argument. Thinking about this lead me to come to a pretty reasonable solution to these debates, one that I think would help the feel of the game and progression as well:

Making two separate quality grades for weapons.

What is this exactly? Take an AK, and split it into two tiers: Makeshift and Military Grade.

Makeshift would be researchable and craftable, looking shoddy and jury rigged. Weapons in this tier would do less damage and potentially have less modding options, but would be widely accessible to all players, from solo to groups. Losing these wouldn’t be a huge deal because they would pretty easy to get back via crafting.

Military grade would not be craftable. Perhaps you can research it, but you would only get the blueprint for the makeshift variant. These guns would have the maximum modding options, higher damage, perhaps a slightly faster firing rate and higher durability. They would only be obtainable from highly irradiated areas, helicopters sites, or that military bunker that is being added in. Losing these would be a huge deal because they are powerful and rare. Solo players with these would stand a chance against a raiding group and groups would have something to fight over.

I’d like to see both types. Clearly Rust has tech that is still ‘factory-made’, but it should be hard to come by and not able to be player-made. Make it valuable, and seen as not worth the effort to some because the jury-rigged items are almost just as good, seeing as the game is about surviving on what you can manage to make.