Weapon Help! :( Hands are a different orientation to the actual gun.

I am modelling a weapon for a mod that I am helping out with, and I have followed http://www.moddb.com/downloads/creating-a-weapon-for-source-part-3. The tutorial is extremely detailed, so I cant really skim through to find out what I have done wrong. Can anyone help?


Sorry for the bad quality image.

Perhaps something is wrong in the QC matey?

I dont think so, It would generate an error I would have thought. I think its something to do with the orientations of the pivot points maybe? I may be wrong, I don’t know.

what gun does it replace? i can help you then

The Glock :slight_smile:

i can do this for you can i have a download link??

I would think it’s a joint error. Maybe it’s screwed up QC Coordinates, like where it gives the bone coordinates in relation to the player. Does it appear correctly in your modelling program?

Just checking, but you have rigged it to the correct bone, right?