Weapon Hexing request for Partent Z

If Partent Z could hex the following when time permits him/her, that would be appreaciated

Lune-A-moon: http://www.mlptf2mods.com/mods/weapons/scout
Kindness Launcher: http://www.mlptf2mods.com/mods/weapons/soldier
The Party Popper v1 pink: http://www.mlptf2mods.com/mods/weapons/pyro
Applejack’s Wrench: http://www.mlptf2mods.com/mods/weapons/engineer
The M.A.G.I.C. Rifle: http://www.mlptf2mods.com/mods/weapons/sniper
The Rarivolver: http://www.mlptf2mods.com/mods/weapons/spy
The Great and Powerful Shotty V1 Blue text: http://www.mlptf2mods.com/mods/weapons/shotguns
The Daybreaker: http://www.mlptf2mods.com/mods/weapons/melee-shared

Thank you for taking time to read this, Partent Z.

Him, I’ll work on them in a bit, I’ll get them up tommorow.

Thank you friend.

I’m starting to hex the hats, mainly the Spike/Pyro one.

Whilst you’re at it, how about the applejaxe?

Woah there, Irockz, lets not be too demanding on Partent Z. I’m pretty sure he/she has alot of stuff going on.

I said I was a he.

Sorry it’s taking a bit longer, don’t worry.

You cannot rush perfection.

perfection of swapping out textures and renaming? ps its not that easy


Since Participent Z recently said that he was unable to hex the weapons, I need someone else who can help, please.