Weapon Idea - Sling

I would like to have a simple sling that is very easy to craft. Im hoping for something like 5 cloth and have craftable ammo that is 5 pebbles for 1 stone. It could have a simple animation of swinging the sling when holding right click and firing it when your left click. I would assume it would have decent range and a strong projectile arc. I myself have used a sling, its not impossible to use and i believe anyone could use one with little to no practice so its not unrealistic for this game. I think it would be good for a new player to have more than one choice for a low end and immediate ranged weapon.

We don’t really need a sling at this stage of the game when we already have a bow, that has similar crafting requirements as you’ve mentioned and similar mechanics.

Kinda like the scuba-diving suggestions… Like, is this really a suggestion that is even going to be taken into consideration at this point? I doubt it. I’d save suggestions like this for further down the road when they might be in a position to hear them.

Bows do insane damage. They don’t have a strong arc and they require alot more materials. I’m talking lowest of the low, and like i said there should be more than one choice for a low end immediate ranged weapon. Scuba-diving has nothing to do with a combat strong game, a weapon does… i have no idea how you see a similarity.

Slings don’t kill people

just sayin

Goliath would beg to differ :v:

Also slings do kill people, they used to be weapons until made into a novelty toy for children. A sling can easy fling a projectile over 100 fps, it could kill you, or at least seriously injure you.

The similarity is that they’re both things that aren’t going to be heard by the devs right now.

Game mechanic suggestions? Yep, gonna get heard. Random weapon suggestions like bolas, slingshots and fucking scuba diving during an alpha when there are what, 10 weapons maximum? Nope, not gonna get heard. It’s like suggesting a certain style of cupholders while they’re still designing the cars chassis. You’d do more good to suggest and talk about core game mechanics, because that’s whats up right now.

ahhhhhhh i get you now, very good way to put it.