Weapon Ideas

So, I was thinking about this. I don’t have Rust, but I do know there aren’t much weapons. I think they should add military weapons in military outposts/bases where you can find M16’s, M9’s, and other, “end-game” weapons. But, the catch would be there could be zombies with armor, or possibly becoming infected from special zombies.

Zombies aren’t staying so I wouldn’t look into that possibility too much.

Zombies are currently being used as placeholders. With the current system I am not sure how well this would work as people could simply door off all the good spawns and only a select few would get access to those items.

New weapons will obviously be implimented over time but it makes sense to keep weapons limited to no more than a medium range, nothing long range no snipers.

Also, we already have M4s and M9s if you’re talking about adding them.

We do need some variety, but in a development stage like this, I feel like they have every weapon covered. Balanced or not yet, it’s there.

Only thing that’s missing is things like mines, and snipers. Those would need serious balancing, and grenades need to be changed. Other than that, we’re good for now.

I agree with this. Sniper rifles pretty much ruined DayZ.

As I said, I don’t have the game, but can’t you break doors?

A rifle with a iron sight would be the alternative to the sniper,it would need alot of skill from the shooter to actually manage to kill somebody.

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Yes doors are breakable.

You said M4s and M9s, but what about better variants of the guns we already have?

You can but its doors only and it takes an ungodly amount of time to do. More destructable objects will be added.

The only way to break doors is to hatchet it down and if you are doing it legit(not speedhacking) then it takes around 4 in-game days to do it. So it wouldn’t really be an option in a radiation zone.

Will they be adding better melee and tool weapons? (Upgraded hatchets basically)

Most likely, but I have no real clue.

What about grenade launchers? (uses grenades as ammo)

Chances are that if it’s the logical thing to do, then it will be added at somepoint.

Not sure what you meant from this…I was assuming mods(lazersights, acog scopes ect…) if that is the case that is already in the game.

No, I meant actually NEW weapons, such as more military-grade weapons.

I don’t like the sound of that. Grenades need to be buffed to begin with but I dont think we really need to start getting into crazy guns as if this was like Killing Floor on a massive scale.

Get mods and attachments.

We have MP5s, 2 pistols, a shotgun, grenades, and a melee weapon. We have the essential criteria for basic gameplay, and adding in mods was more than enough for testing purposes.

The devs will know what guns to add in, as guns are actually fairly balanced right now in my opinion.

I mean just enough to break a barricade, but as I said it would be in these, “military bases.”