Weapon maker that uses PAC like efficiency

We need a weapon maker that is not something like those SWEP generators where you input values and then it spits out code, no, we need something that is like PAC, except for weapons. Something where you select your starting model ( this is the basis for the bullet direction) and then choose props either by model name or by spawn menu, then you tweak the angles, scales, and position of said props. Then you select a projectile, muzzle-flash particle, muzzle-flash particle effects, and the damage and accuracy of the gun. Then instead of writing an addon style SWEP, it can just pop it in the game by applying settings to a modular basis SWEP already in the game, to produce the effect of a whole new SWEP. Or just make it immediately available in game without any gmod restarts.

It’s possible, but, you need to know what you’re doing, and you need to use the notepad.


So, well, ingame lua generation through lua is gonna be pretty hard, but you can use the PAC properties on SWEPs to prevent croch models or maybe even attach a weapon someplace else.

Hmm, I think it just needs to be the same system as PAC. PAC uses clientside props that are assigned to specific body parts. Maybe there needs to be a plugin for PAC that only applies the set props when a certain gun is out. That way, it looks like a new gun, but it is just a set gun underneath some clientside props. And since the gun always moves with one of the hands, animations shouldn’t be a problem.

For something to appear in the players FOV it needs to be part of the model for the gun , you cant have lets say a baby dool attached to the top of the shotgun.Unless the baby is part of the model.
You could make the prop appear infront of the player and somehow follow the movements of the gun.
The problem with that is it will look horrible to other players

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It’s perfectly possible and rather easy, all I really need to do now is a graphical editor for those models.

Please, post a link to that tool (its a tool right?) when it is finished

This forum is to suggest things that garry could implement into gmod. It is not a forum for model, map, skin, or game mode requests.

He didn’t suggest any of those things.

That vid looks awesome… i would definitely add it to my server… So you can choose projectiles too? Looks sweet.