Weapon model convert request. / (mdl's from max files.)

Hello, I have some weapon models here that have been animated by my friend, (AEK-971, AEK-919K and a Milkor M32) and so on, but there’s a problem, they are still 3DS Max files, and I cant get 3DS Max for some reason and on top of that I know nothing of that program, anyways I was hoping someone who would know how to use 3DS Max would take the time to convert them into working mdl files. As for materials, The M32 already has materials, but both the AEK’s materials are in JPG form, (I don’t know what they need to be to be converted.) Anyways If anybody could convert these for me It would be much appreciated and you would be credited when I release these into my Swep pack I’m producing atm.

Here the link to the files: http://speedy.sh/FVVSe/Xmodels.zip