Weapon model mistakes

Just wanted to point out the M4 model is backward. The ejection port and forward assist are not on the left side of a real M4; they are on the right.

There is no mistake with the weapon models. The ejection port matches the hand. The M4s in rust just happen to be left-handed, hence the left-based ejection port.


There’s a lot of problems with models, really, but half this stuff is clearly placeholders. If you ever get a chance to see another player holding a pickaxe you see them as holding a hatchet. Likewise, when holding an SMG they are shown as holding a clip-less M4. I think we can rely on the fact that they’re not done yet. (Or at least I really hope so.) :slight_smile:

Well that still presents a thematic problem, since the weapon is held right-handed which would cause the casings to eject onto the the player’s left arm.

Don’t know about your survivor, but mine is holding his M4 right handed.

Modern Weapons will be removed at some point anyway i think so i doubt its a huge issue.

He meant that there exists a left-handed variant of the weapon on which the ejection port is on the left side (so the shells eject away from the body). It still represents a thematic problem to hold a left-handed variant right-handed.

Left handed weapon, right handed player model… But in a survival scenario, who’s going to be picky on guns? It fires; thats all I would care about.

Besides, the game is in alpha, a lot is going to change! A lot more than the M4 model is not right :quagmire:

Well, if you don’t mind hot shells hitting your face then I guess so.