Weapon models going invisible in TTT


We are currently running a TTT server with pointshop and killmsg.

The problem we are seeing is the viewmodel on the guns you carry dissappear. It will still work normally but it won’t show the weapon in your hands or any other weapon you equip after that. No errors appear in console.

As far as we can tell it only happens when another player dies but it doesn’t happen all the time. The player that can’t see his weapons is random.

So basically;

  • Random player weapon viewmodel disappears on another players death at random times.

Currently we tell people to start recording a demo and stopping it right after. This will reset the viewmodel and make it visible again.

But I’m looking for a more permanent fix. Any ideas?

We have concluded it is definitly something in pointshop as disabling pointshop did not cause the models to disappear untill pointshop was re-enabled. Also without pointshop the ragdolls that should spawn on a player death did not spawn at all.