Weapon models (NOT SWEPs)

Can anyone give me some download links for a PP-2000, WA2000 and SVU? I know someone provided me with an SVU model before but the file can’t be found now…I’m also looking for the STALKER RP Model pack, if anyone can give me a link I’ll be a happy penguin :smiley:

Mr. Penguin have you tried searching? But even if you did this could probably be made as it is a reasonible request.

Yeah I tried, the only SVU model was in an older request of mine and the file was deleted or sumfink and the massive stalker pack was in megaupload…

Here’s a WA2000. I think it might be a SWEP though, but judging by one of the screenshots it can be spawned as a prop.

As for the PP-2000 and the SVU, I didn’t see anything when I searched when I did a search. You can probably find something on GameBanana, though.

Thanks! btw any swep can be spawned as a prop but sometimes the file only has the arms holding the weapon and not the weapon itself, which is why I prefer the model to the swep