Weapon models with flexes?

I’m tired of sucky effects of making bodygroups for weapons. I want something more reallistic. Weapons with flexes would allow to create moving blots, charges or adjustable stocks. I mean, the effect would be better than shitload of bodygroups on the model.

Is that possible?

yes anything with a vertex animation is possible


But what about using it ingame? I would need to use face poser for this. What should I do to get this working in GMod?

You might have to add a mouth attachment though

I don’t think faceposer works for non-ragdolls at all. It won’t even select them.

This just sucks.

Maybe there is a solution? Like bloodobalt’s faceposable heads.

Well… all of my ragdolls with faceposing work. There’s no mouth or forward attachment, and only an eyes attachment where needed. The head bones are even named “head.”
The yellow circle doesn’t always appear, but flexes still work properly… I’m not sure what actually defines what is or is not faceposeable, but I’ve never actually tried adding flexes to other random things.

Actually i know how to do this, i used this for the red bird, make your flexes like usual, then for the phymodel, put a useless cube inside the phymodel. make a useless bone and assign it to that. then the game will think it’s a ragdoll, so then it can be selected by the faceposer.

So I have to make two physboxes to make it work?