Weapon modifications

Many players who had played rust in it’s former years of legacy knew that certain weapons were able to be modified through attachments which could be both crafted and found throughout the map. the new rust having lost this feature seems a bit lacking in terms of weapon customization and also limiting in terms of player preference. alongside the new re-balancing for the AK as mentioned in the latest devblog (Devblog 72) the application for modifications can be very benificial for players using them. imagine an AK47 with a vertical grip attached to aid in reducing recoil while also increasing accuracy, the same goes for any form of rifle or even the shotgun. the sight attachments for weapons can also have very great potential, if something of a makeshift scope were to be developed in the game, it would allow for incredible augmentation to how the game is played especially with long range weapons such as the bolt action. many players who’ve enjoyed the game alongside myself find that this feature made rust great even during the age of legacy, i am posting this thread in hopes of reviving this concept.

thank you for reading,

They will be reimplemented. Patience.