Weapon mods!

Hello everyone!

Did a little search on the forum but couldn’t find anything about the subject I was looking for.
Weapon mods, is the bug fixed on EU servers? Is there anyone that has a weapon with more then one weapon mod?


Yea unless i was just extremely unlucky with 20 M4s…




It looks like EU doesn’t have the fix in yet.

i’m confused how the weapon mod slots work i made a mp5 today and it had zero.

There is a random chance of getting mod slots, most weapons (if not all) weapons that may have mod slots can have up to 5.

In the future being next to a work bench will improve the chances of you getting more slots, and you’ll need to be next to a workbench to alter/apply weapon mods ( i think )

Geez, yeah that’s alot of M4s alright, haha.
Well I hope to see it soon and I thank you for your time with this issue Pat! :slight_smile:

Will there be an introduction of additional weapon attachments into the game in the future?

crafted a shotgun on nopvp get 5 slot on it.

Probably not if they are planning on removing them.