Weapon mods

After the most recent spot of lag, I noticed that I’m no longer able to attach mods to my p250. I asked my buddy to try to do it for me, assuming that it was a bug on my end, and he is unable to do it as well.

Is anyone else encountering this problem or is it just limited to some?

For the sake of fucks given, the mods I’m having issue with are holo sight, flashlight, and silencer.

Also, for future reference, are there bug-report forums or a utility or some shit in the game or otherwise that I can use instead of the forums here, or is this the place to report issues?

Iv’e been able to attach mods like normal, are you sure the gun you are trying to put it on isn’t maxed out with mods already?

or dont have any mod slots at all (in case you dont know you can se mod slots on a wepon under the wepon icon, A emty square means theres a avaible slot a filled square means its used. and no squares means you cant put anything on that gun)

Try to do that on another server.

Ah, yes ok, that particular p250 had zero mod slots… I’m assuming that mod slot availability is randomized, because I have another p250 with 3 mod slots on it which i will be using henceforth!

Thank you for the insight, solved (sort-of) my issue.

It is defiantly random. I had to craft three M4’s to get one with 5 slots