Weapon Mods

What Weapon Mods Do You Want To See?

Personally I want to see something like a foregrip for lower recoil, higher mag scopes.

Maybe a bayonet? who knows how that would work tho.

Who told you that in game will be weapons?

PS. Or you meant holo sight for knife?

… What?

To OP: I think a grip would be a reasonable addition, but then again who knows what kinds of other weapons they are planning on adding/removing.

What? What?

Weapons that is available now, its a placeholders.

Approved weapons now is Hunting Bow and Knife.

Sorry, I totally confused…

I meant to say: Who told you what kind of weapons will be in game? How you can think about Mods, if we don’t know what weapons will be in game.

Know what you’re talking about before posting. Not all of the weapons are placeholders and no one knows which ones will stay and go except maybe the dev team.

weapon mods should be held on with glue and duct tape. it should be made where you can do shit like tape a hatchet to a shotgun, collect resources without having to holster

I still can’t understand your English…

military weapons will be removed.

If you want this weapon mod garbage you can play Call of duty

This has not been confirmed.

ok then

Dragon, if we don’t know what weapons will be in game, how we can discus mods for them? Do you understand now?

Because we do know what weapon are in the game now. Whether or not they will remain is up for debate and is still 100% undecided, so why not release content for the weapons to see if there are ways to make the devs and players agree with a decision for weapons.

Seriously, shut up. Stay off of suggestion threads dude, the only thing you ever say is “_______ idea is horrible. Go play _______ game if you want that.”
We get it, but if we wanted to play that game we would. Stop going onto people posts after they work hard on them and being a douche, because regardless of what you think you are doing, that is what you are being. Adding military guns doesn’t make a game CoD, adding building features doesn’t make a game Minecraft. Get over it.

We need an idea for weapons such as the pipe shotgun or handcannon. Not exactly sure what kind of mods we could use for those though.

Too be fair they DID say they want to focus the game on handcrafted/rustic weaponry. Can’t exactly remember where it was said, but it was said.

In my humble opinion, I think simple iron sights and the weapons abilty to hold magazines should be a mod.
I’m currently building a slingshot rifle with magazine etc. And I tell you, it is something special to have a magazine and accurate iron sights/a scope for it. If not special, than at least a modification.

And this is “just” a slingshot rifle. An actual shell/bullet using gun with magazine would be way harder to produce.

Just my humble opinion…

That was on redit.

PS. People, do not run before train please.

Ouh yeah!

Well I think just one guy answer the OP question, the rest of the post is people making fools of each other, like always in this forum. If there is weapons in the finished rust (and I think there will be IMO, at least hand made revolvers) I will like to see this mods:
-Scopes (they need to look really crappy, like a wood cylinder with two bottle glasses attached and a scratch in the glass).
-Silencers (hand made ones like the one on the child´s gun in The walking dead).
-Longer barrels (for improving distance shooting).
-Explosive and high precision ammunition apart of normal bullets (if you can consider that a weapon mod).

I Totally agree 100%. This is survival, not all about the guns. I would be more interested in the medieval weapons, go to fight like a real man. Start with like a wooden shield and sword. Later make Good armor and metal weapons

dropped on a deserted island, you find yourself with nothing but a rock, a torch, and some bandages. In an abandoned building, you find an old pistol and a few rounds. Someone sneaks up behind you and swings their heavy rock, narrowly missing your cranium. You sidestep, aim, pull the trigger.

Looking down at the bullet-strewn body, you think to yourself…


then you drop your gun and go make a sword from sticks and rocks…

no Scope Pleaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeee …