Weapon not registering

Hello! I am attempting to add 2 lightsabers to a team-deathmatch server I am making. I have managed to add a blue lightsaber, and duplicated the folder and changed the name of the swep to “Red Lightsaber”. Tried everything, can’t seem to figure it out. It just wont appear in the menu (The one I use to set the teams weapons) Thanks in advance, Spiv

The first rule in troubleshooting is figuring out with technical details. Please post your console logs so we can see whats going on. Thanks in advance, spiv.

It probably wouldn’t work because if you have two different folders, it doesn’t actually matter what they’re called, GMod still runs the code in both folders regardless, so since the code in both folders would probably be the exact same, it wouldn’t add anything.

You need to change the code in the Red Lightsaber folder so it isn’t the same. Try changing the SWEP’s name and category and all that kind of stuff (which is usually at the top of the code) and it’d probably work, but it wouldn’t be red unless you colored it red.

Sorry for the late reply, but I have already changed the name. I will try changing other things now, and I’ll get on finding the logs afterwards if it didnt work.

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This did not work, and it still will not appear in the menus for the gamemode. It loads them separately according to the console, any help? :stuck_out_tongue: