Weapon Pickup

Hey guys… The last like 5 days I have been trying to work out a function to stop people walking over weapons to pick them up, instead hitting the +use button on them… But the only issue I have is it either won’t let people spawn with weapons or it just wont work itself. I have tried doing things like putting allowpickup in onspawn and then saying if not then false kind of thing you get my jist but its just not working. I don’t know where I’m going wrong. Anyone know a solution to my issue?


Here you go, untested but this should get you started:

In that function you will need to replace ‘ValidEntity’ with ‘IsValid’ also.

Good luck bud!

:open_mouth: Never seen this before. Looks informative! Thanks!

A lot of those won’t work right-off-the-bat, though. You will have to update them.