Weapon Remove Exploit Fix?

Hello, so I run a server, and I recently was doing testing for exploits on it and found that online there is a weapon remover that got leaked and it works on my server, and many others.
I’m sorry I don’t know if I’m allowed to share the code that is used, as I haven’t fully read the forums rules, but if I get allowed I can post the script name and the code that it uses to maybe find an answer.

remove ur leaked cac addon
or any leaked AC you have.

that’s it

I don’t have anticheat?

I have only workshop items, and I am sifting threw addons code to find the net start message used.

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So here is some code that I can share with you, I have done extensive testing
I narrowed down the addon list with the possible exploit to:

ULX - ULib
Same logo addon from workshop for Fading Door Tool
Keypad Tool
Precision Tool
Adv Dupe 1-2
M9K Guns

The odd thing is though, is that even after removing all of these addons from my addon server, and the workshop it’s still exploitable.

I have also tried disabling FAdmin, and various other default enabled things.



net.WriteEntity( ent )


That’s the default Sandbox properties menu: garrysmod/properties.lua at master · Facepunch/garrysmod · GitHub

Install some prop protection?

Couldn’t I just change the name on all of them, and all the skids using it would have no idea how to fix it.

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Update: I fixed the exploit by just adding a second s to the end of the properties module
If you go to garrysmod/lua/includes/modules and just paste this code into the properties.lua https://pastebin.com/P0EwhRNy then it will stop most of the skids who downloaded it, and know nothing about lua.

eeehhhh… wouldn’t really call that a solution, esp. since you posted it on a public forum, lol.

prop protection or a script disabling that property would be a better solution

This is already fixed (has been for a couple months) on the main branch. Update your server.