Weapon Repair Idea, please feel free to post opinions and feedback

I’m unsure whether or not the Rust team is taking any suggestions or looking into user feedback, however I figured posting an opinion here may well be noticed just as well if the opinion is popular. Regarding the durability of weapons and tools, I have found myself frustrated in servers with both durability or the lack there of. With durability, I get frustrated that weapons are so expensive and must be repaired, acquired or crafted. With no durability, a player with a single pickaxe can take down an infinite number of wooden doors without any repercussions. So, I suggest an item be implemented into the game that would (at least by vanilla standards) place some balance into this issue.

Maintaining firearms is absolutely vital, and thus I suggest a craft-able cleaning kit. With these kits, you may completely restore the condition of a firearm’s durability with continued use by a small percentage. IE: 60/100 would become 80/100 and so forth. However the kit would disappear after use. Relatively cheap to craft, I would hope. Ideally, this is how I would like to see it implemented. If, however, the weapon reaches 0 durability, a repair bench must be used, restoring the weapon as a repair bench normally would.

In short, this would require a realistic and achievable amount of effort by the developer to implement. The durability system would not be changed, only a single item would be added. Capable of restoring some of the durability to the weapon so long as it is not broken.

I think it might be useful especially if you can carry it with you without having to return to ur base to fix broken items

so if you were using a pick axe you could increase the amount of time u gather resources for