Weapon Restrict/Admin Limits

I have my own dedicated server running ULX. N I want admins to have unlimited instead of limited props because for some reason admins want to use a certain wire feature but they cant cuz of prop limits.

Also I have my own group named owner n i want to restrict some weapons for my use only anyway can i do tht

BTW its a Gmod server

If you using DarkRP, I’m drawing up a very powerful admin mod. It has prop limits for
differant groups of players.

However, the mod is really meant for DarkRP admin. It contains many features that are linked
up to work flawlessly. Currently I’m testing it on one of my DarkRP servers.

Few bugs though.

To tell u the truth i dont know how to set up DarkRP

put this in your servers config to avoid prop limits for admins:
sbox_admin_nolimits 1

Of course it’s a GMod server when it’s in GMod Discussion. :downs:

ill try it ty for help

well the sbox_admin_nolimits code doesnt work

add the users as admins in your users.txt file

Wait… It’s linked to work flawlessly yet it has bugs… Ok…