Weapon scripts interrupt custom reload sounds

I have multiple problems trying to make sweps involving scripts.

First, I have an AK47 swep, with custom reload sounds, but the Sound Script for the regular CSS AK47 keeps playing at the same time. Is there a code to stop this or do I have to remove something from the Sound Scripts? I don’t have any scripts set for this ak47, so that can’t be the problem.

Secondly, how would change the script for a galil? Or how would I make a script and force it to work only on a swep/weapon model I choose?

You might want to provide a bit more information such as the script.

There is no for the Ak47 script, which is the problem. The model is hexed for an ak47, but I don’t have any script present for it, I just used emitsound in the reload function to make the reloading sound.
The second thing is just how to make a script, really. I have no knowledge of any this.