Weapon Selection Font/Image

Hey guys (and gals maybe?). No one could answer this over in newbie questions so I suppose its graduated to plain ol lua scripting.

The weapons I use for my gamemode (are not mine, but ive tweaked/changed minusculely).

The icon appears, however, the color is always white. Is this a sign of a problem with the font when it was created or is there something im missing in my code?

The only code I could find in the shared.lua relating to font was:
[lua]killicon.AddFont( SWEP.NameOfSWEP, “CSKillIcons”, SWEP.IconLetter, Color( 255, 225, 0, 255 ) )[/lua]

And please dont say “just change the color numbers”, I have tried changing them and they have no effect as far as I can tell.

Any ideas on whats wrong or what to do to fix it?


Oh, I forgot to mention, the gmod/source weapons work fine. Er, well, most of them do. I know the crowbar, RPG, stunstick, and smg1 have the orange color to them.

Edit: Facepalm. Did some wiki’ing, found the SWEP:DrawWeaponSelection function. ctrl + f, found, and found what its doing.