Weapon selection won't display.

This is obviously not the most troublesome of problems, however, it is very irritating. A few days ago I was playing on many different servers and then randomly, I noticed, that when I scrolled(or pressed numbers) the weapon/tool selection menu was not displayed. This would not be a problem if I weren’t playing on servers that have custom weapons and the like so I actually have no idea what I’m selecting and it makes it difficult to play. If a server host has made their own custom mod etc. and have a different weapon selection from the default then it works fine. Anyone have any ideas?

Is Fast Weapon Swapping off?

This has happened to me in both Portal and GMod. This console command fixed it both times: exec config_default. The console command that turns off Fast Weapon Switching is hud_fastswitch 0.

Oh my, so simple. Worked like a charm. Thanks guys.