weapon selector HUD gone along with anything else that should be displayed on the top of my screen

I have had this problem for a month now and sense I have started to play RP it has been bothering me. When I want to change guns there used to be a bar on the top of my screen telling me what gun I’m selecting but now there isn’t so I’m just selecting keys and objects blindly. I have re-installed and defraged the files and changed my resolution and it happens on every game mode on or off line.

Options -> Keyboard -> Advanced and uncheck Fast Weapon Swap

If that is not the culprit try adding -autoconfig to your start up options, it will revert the game’s settings (all of them including keybindings) Note: make sure to remove it after you are done or it’ll keep resetting everything.

If that does not work rename your garrysmod folder (steam/steamapps/<steamname>/garrysmod/) and start up Garry’s Mod.

thanks im going to try this now

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Thank you so much that worked