weapon shell error

so ive been having this problem ever since i got gmod… i’ve downloaded wiremod and phx so dont suggest me that.
when i shoot a gun, the gun drops a shell and it says error, error all time and i cant see.

also: when i’m playing trouble in terrorist i can’t see the map and guns. do i have to buy CS:S?

You NEED css for most bullet shells and the such, and also for TTT.


This. I wish people would think before posting a question :byodood:

The issue is that trouble in terrorist town is built around counter strike source. Almost everything you can see is from counter strike source. This means that you can’t enjoy that gamemode without the right files.
You need to purchase counter strike source, sorry.
Gamemodes such as darkrp, prophunt and about every fretta gamemode there is will also be a LOT better for you if you have css.