Weapon skins?

is it possable to change a complete reskin of one weapon and change it to another weapon? Like if I found a cool skin for the smg but i wanted it to be the ar2. would it be possable to change the materials, models, and custom sounds to be a different weapon than the one it was made for?


Sort of. If the weapon you’re changing it to has activities that the compiled model doesn’t (like ACT_VM_DEPLOY, ACT_VM_PRIMARYATTACK_EMPTY, or other unique activities that some models have) then you’ll get quite a few errors. Also, the animation lengths are normally synchronized with those of the weapon it originally replaces. If you make a different weapon use the model, you’ll be playing animations either too slowly or too quickly.

Also, be careful with words here. A reskin is just a change in the texture(s) of a model. It doesn’t have anything to do with models themselves.

Well i want to replace all of my gmod weapons with different skins and such. i really want this deagle replacement as my 357. replacement but i don’t know if it will

Surely you’d have to decompile it and rename it as the 357 (or you could just make a SWEP, much easier)

What your sugesting is however model replacement not reskining, as reskining is just replacing the textures of a model with a different set of textures.

Edit: Yea, i’ve just had a look at that pistol your looking at and I think thats what they’ve done.