Weapon Sound Missing

“Failed to load sound “sound\weapons\ak47\primaryfire.wav”, file probably missing from disk/repository”

I added it to my fastdl from the addon/tttak47/sound/ and sound/ but there is still no sound in-game.
What am I doing wrong?

Hey Panda!!

Check the directory (not the addon) in which you have the AK fire sound and then set your SWEP to use the sound with that path.

If its set here

SWEP.Primary.Sound       = Sound( "eeg/weapons/ak47/primaryfire.wav" )

Then your sound should be here


SWEP.Primary.Sound       = Sound( "sound/weapons/ak47/primaryfire.wav" ) 

And the sound is placed here:


It still does not make any sound :confused:

Your sync is in progress. These files will be copied to the webserver:


And it still says the sound is missing for me and everybody else. How do I fix it? I don’t understand what is wrong.

note: the tg/ directory was changed in the other files aswell.

Is it resource.AddFile-ed? Check on your PC steam/steamapps/common/garrysmod/garrysmod/download/sound/ and see if that file exists there. If not you didn’t download it.

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To resource.AddFile go to lua/autorun/ and make a file named something like resource.lua
In there type this[lua]
if SERVER then
resource.AddFile( “sound/tg/weapons/ak47/primaryfire.wav” )
Also make sure you’re setup for fastdl if you use that.


SWEP.Primary.Sound       = Sound( "weapons/ak47/primaryfire.wav" ) 

He put it in

so thats what the path should be…

Yes, I was following the “Failed to load sound “sound\weapons\ak47\primaryfire.wav”, file probably missing from disk/repository” error. x1 bad reading

Either the file is missing or is corrupt. Make sure the users download it.