Weapon sound not looping (like Nyan Gun)

Hello everyone!

I was attempting a simple change to the Nyan Gun SWEP by Rubat, or more specifically the Temmie/Gaben gun since their music files were way too large, and clipping the sound file seems to stop the music from looping properly. The only changes I’ve made were clipping the sounds, downsamping them to mono, resource.AddFile to prevent from downloading the Workshop sounds and renaming the soundfiles/paths in SWEP:PrimaryAttack and Deploy.

It’s a silly little add-on, but I’ve been scratching my head over why this doesn’t want to work. Any ideas?

Here is the original (Nyan Gun): http://pastebin.com/BBBUrZaE
The edit: http://pastebin.com/sLUJhXT1

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I should have posted this in the Problems That Don’t Need Their Own Thread thread…

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Solved. Added looping cues to the sounds in GoldWave.