Weapon sounds error

I’ve tried using different weapon packs for Gmod, but as it seems every pack that I use has a weird issue.
The weapons will fire and create gunshot sounds until about 10 bullets have been shot, then even though I’m still firing the weapon is silent. I tried fixing this on my own by editing the weapon fire sounds and reducing their length to about 0.5 seconds.
That seems to be the working solution, however I don’t want to have to edit the sounds of every weapon pack I try out.

I guess I’m asking if anyone really knows if there’s a limit to the amount of sounds Gmod can play at once, and if there is is they’re anyway to increase it?

I’ve tried to reinstall my gmod and test out a weapon pack, and the sounds still don’t work right.

Edit: The weapons work fine in Singleplayer, just not in multiplayer