Weapon Spawning Menu

This lua file lets you spawn, give, and drop weapons in any gamemode. It’s use is for spawning sweps in gamemodes such as
Half-Life 2 Campaign and other non-sandbox gamemodes.

Copy the contents of this zip to your garrysmod folder

remove the file WeaponSpawnMenu.lua found in lua\autorun

How To Use
type the command wepmenu_open in the console


Nice one again, you should add some pictures for the other :slight_smile:


Sounds useful. Don’t know yet where could I use it. :confused: Great idea by the way.

It was made for spawning weapons in HL2 Campaign. I created it on request by lotus006 (well, sortof). He was asking me to make weapons spawnable in any gamemode from my other addon, so I made this instead.