Weapon Stool

how hard would it be to make a stool similar to the turret stool but instead the toolgun fire the bullets instead of the spawnable turret? or would this be to useful for minges

There are theses things we like to call guns.

no but with changeable values and settings

so in other words…

Stool: A GUN OMFG?!?

Number Of Bullets Fired: 0-100
Damage Of Bullets: 0-999
Tracer Type: BLAH
Shoot Sound: BLAH
Bullet Type: Bullet-Pulse-Explosion
So on so forth?

yah, exactly
and maybe be able to change the world and view models

You would have to make a swep that loads variables and a stool that sets those variables. So you would need to make two things actually.

would that work?