Weapon stripper help

I know this is a noob question but how do you make a weapon stripper? I know that the entity player_weaponstrip and a trigger is involved but I can’t find the proper way to do this. Also, I’m trying to make the stripper look like a combine energy wall yet I don’t want to use the models that are normally used with.

How can I do all this?


I can’t find it in the entities. Where is it?

Trigger_weapon_dissolve or trigger_weapon_strip. Both are brush entities.

  1. You make a Brush with “Trigger” on it
  2. Then you press CTRL + T
  3. Then at the top list of the window select “trigger_weapon_strip”

It’s a brush based entity. I created a SDK-styled map a while ago on getting a constant weapon stripper to work, to prevent cheating by impulse 101. If you want to take a look at it, grab it here: [linky]

I had the same problem about 15 minutes ago :smiley:

Create a brush (i think you can give it any texture) and selct it and press Ctrl+T, then make it a trigger_once or trigger_multiple. Then create an entity called player_weaponstrip and name it John. Then go back on your trigger and click output at the top. Fill out these properties and click apply; OnTrigger, John, StripWeaponsAndSuit.

It should work after that :slight_smile:

I use a trigger_once brush ontop of the info_player_start that outputs the weaponstrip. Works well for me.