Weapon stripping help

I was wondering how I could make it so every time you enter a specific area it removes the awp if the player has it. I have game_player_equip and player_weaponstrip. I can’t seem to figure out a way to do this. Maybe I’m just :downs:.

I don’t think you can remove a specific weapon, but only all or none of them.

Can’t you strip all of them and return the others almost simultaneously? just delay the trigger by half a second or something? that could be a way of doing it.

How would you make it return the same weapons they had? Say T1 had awp and deagle and T2 had a ak47 and glock. How would it know who to give which weapon.

Try this.

Use the “game_player_equip” entity, and with Smart Edit turned off, add the Key “weapon_awp” with a value of “0” and that should do it, obviously you have to make it start off, and be triggered upon a player entering an area, you would use a named trigger with the appropriate outputs for this.

Didn’t really work, every time I entered the specific area it just kept give me a awp every second.

hmm… maybe, “-1”? Instead of a zero, that is, I’m not sure… I was playing around with the entity but didn’t really test anything…