Weapon Trails

Since it’s possible to have a toolgun that makes trails on props in Garry’s mod would it be possible to make trails on weapons like they do for Runescape (dragon dagger special) or in Megaman Zero if it is possible and not to hard could you put a tutorial on how to make weapons like that. For weapons I don’t mean the weapons that are props I mean the weapons that you see in first person.

So when you walk the weapon makes colored trails?

What you do, is first you spawn it on the ground with right click, then you put a trail on it. Simple as that.

Not what he wants.

Best way to do this would be to have the trail attached on the attachment point that is the barrel of the weapon, so it’s like it’s coming off the barrel in both first- and third-person.

So stick a small prop right above the barrel and weld it there then use it.

(not in front of the barrel, it might stop the bullets.)