Weapon V Model Decompile Issue

Lately Ive been decompiling weapons, with the intent of rebuilding them with mod-attachments like RIS rails, LAMs, Scopes, etc etc for personal use.

However whenever I decompile the view model, often the bone skeleton of the arms becomes detatched at a 90 degree angle to the right. It happens with all the weapon V_models I have tried.

This then causes the weapon to have Vert issues when animating and obviously looks awful.

Im told it may be a common problem with simply decompiling weapon v models. I am using decompiler 0.5.2 version.

Anyone know any quick and easy fixes/workarounds for this, rather than trying to manually re-allign all the bones?

Have you got all the boxes unticked?

in this tutorial it shows how i decompile and recompile weapon models.

but what silverspirit said is correct, when you decompile it should look like this:


Somewhere in the .qc you need to add -rotate 0 0 90 or something like that. Google for an answer about doing that because I had the same problem you did. Unfortunately I’m at work so I can’t dig up one of my .qc files to help you, but that’s what you need to do along with making sure you decompiled properly.