Weapon,Vehicle,Entities Q Tabs

Hello. I’ve downloaded DarkRP and editing it to later on make it to a server. So my question is; How to disable Weapon,Vehicle,Entities at the “Q” menu. I dont want to resrict the weapons etc since I need them.


Why I want to disable them?: If they’re there,people will be able to get Weapons etc for free. Now that sucks alot. Its not very much roleplay about that. Please help me.


Uh…Get ULX…You can set a limit so people cannot spawn entities and vehicles. And there is a option in DarkRP to make it so weapons are admin spawnable only.

Could you please tell me what that option is called?

Just look around in the DarkRP admin menu. It’s something like “rp_weaponsadminonly” I don’t remember.

Well. “weaponsadminonly” isnt what im looking for… players also need weapons, but just not from that “Q” Menu

Well just go press F4 and if your admin it will allow you to limit the use of guns and vehicles, DarkRP doesnt have anything to do with the Q menu, except for props to protect from minges.