weapon_gpk_base missing...?

SWEP (weapon_gpk_fists) is derived from non existant SWEP (weapon_gpk_base) - Expect errors!

That is the error I am getting in my console. I have NO idea what Weapon_gpk_base is nor have I ever seen this error before. I recently installed Mad Cows to my DarkRP server and the guns are working just fine. But heres the catch:

When I am holding a Glock. And my friend is holding a Glock, ALL of the glocks in the current server are controlled by that friend. When he shoots his glock, it shoots my glock. When he aims, I aim. But it doesnt work vis, versa, I can completely control my own weapon, but he can also control his weapon. His Glock does NOT shoot. When he fires his glock, MY gun shoots the bullet. WHAT THE FUCK.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? (the error also happens with CSS weapons, not just Mad Cows)

I also saw this glitch, with one person ccontrolling other person’s guns. I notice its because when one person spawns a glock, and someone else picks it up, it appears that the person who spawned it controls it. This may or may not be the issue in your case. and the “SWEP (weapon_gpk_fists) is derived from non existant SWEP (weapon_gpk_base) - Expect errors!” just means your missing a swep or part of the pack, mainly the folder titled weapon_gpk_base in addons/madcowswhatever/lua/weapons

Woaw! And you’re totally right, i didn’t even think about that…I did spawn BOTH of our Glocks…So what would be the fix to this monstrosity? I also noticed I spawned him a GRENADE and kept my GLOCK. He was unable to throw it though, but I could still shoot. but as soon as I switched to a GRENADE, when he threw his, mine threw instead… It’s so weird T_T

Id have to look at the SWEP spawning code to be sure, because it seems that the owner is set to whoever spawned it, thusly the lua hoooks (primary fire, secondary fire) are also bound to that person. The owner of the weapon should be set when a player receives it, not upon its entry to world.

of course thats all theory, but i’ll look into it.