Weaponize it: The weapon making contest- with tasty prizes inside!

Hey, I was a thinkin’ that I should hold a contest to get some nice variety of weapons on the table for people to use, and more so I think it’d give you guys a better incentive to make things I want than “plz make me this wepon thx” annnnd show off what you can do at the same time. :v:

I’ve got three categories of weapons, one more specific, the other two not so much.

Pick one category (you can enter more than one, but it’d probably be easiest if you just picked one.)
Category one: Pocket pistols.

I’m not talking about ‘compact’ handguns, I’m talking the derringers, the pepperboxes, the ducks-foot pistols, the dangerous and cool looking knuckle guns and ring guns, the fun and usually neglected little guns like that.

As long as its small and can fit, or sort of fit in a pocket, go ahead and try and make it.

Okay, now that my more specific request is out of the way, lets get to the categories that are really more meant for seeing what you guys can come up with.

Category two: Improvised/Domestic weapons

I’m talkin’ nailguns, powertools, slingshots, socks with billiards balls in it, crossbows, pnuematic airguns that shoot marbles from PVC pipe, a chain with a padlock on one end, a spear made out of a broom handle a knife and some duct tape, a shoe, caltops made from nails bent together, etc. as long as its either improvised or domestic in origin.

Category three: Weapons that involve fire

Fire weapons you know, like; flamethrowers, molotovs, bottle rocket launchers, some firecrackers you throw, handheld roman candles, a can of hairspray with a lighter taped on it, so, get creative because anything goes as long as its fire related.

Submit what you make in this thread and tell me what category your entering, you can show us pictures of your works in progress, because that’d be cool, but you don’t hafta.

Oh right, now for what you’ve probably no doubt skimmed through hoping to see.

The Prizes
For those esteemed fellows who are deemed a winner in each category, they get the pick of one of these games from my steam gift inventory
(Sorry if they seem like dinky prizes considering the amount of work that goes into making, skinning and animating a model, but hey, prizes are prizes, oh boy, right? :dance:)

Little Inferno
Half-Life Complete
Torchlight 2
Batman Arkam city: goty edition
Natural selection 2

Runners up and other honorable mentions will get some hats for TF2.
(a booby prize, oh joy :v:)

The judging criteria
Judging what is a winner of a category will probably be a mix of me being impressed (which doesn’t take much) and input from you guys.
(Hopefully I don’t anger too many people if I were to pick something that wasn’t a crowd favorite)

Weapons entered must be/have/do the following:

Must not replace any default models

Must be able to be used in a SWEP

Must have a View and World model

Must be rigged so they are held properly and ain’t just hanging out the crotch

Must use hand textures/models from CS:S or HL2
(I don’t wanna see any day of defeat hands or anything like that)

Entrants are to understand the following:

Entries will not be used for monetary gain and should be released publicly for me and your fellows to use and enjoy, and that the authors should be credited for their respective work(s).

Entries must be the original work of the author, I don’t wanna see any people submitting anything that isn’t their own content.

In order for entries to be deemed a submission, must be available to download for judging when you submit the final product.

After the judging is declared over, I’ll ask that those who have been selected private message me their steam information so I can dole out the prizes accordingly.

There is no real time limit, I’ll simply be waiting to see when a majority of entries come in, and probably end it as entries slow.

Okay, that should cover the bases, I know you guys aren’t dummies and certainly know what your doing, but I think it better to just lay some ground rules so I (hopefully) don’t create a mess :v:.

I have no prior experience in holding any contests, so hopefully this won’t be a disaster if people actually decide to enter into it.

Thank you, and good luck and make some neat stuff.

An icecream cone that is actually made out of some type of metal. it’s thrown like a dart and can be stuck into people like an arrow.

I’ve yet to actually see a proper stun gun weapon. That would seem interesting if it could implement a ragdoll function on a player while still having the taser’s needles stuck into the body for some time.

Bloocobolt ported the taser from CS:GO.

And nirrty from mirror’s edge.

Naw that was floater, we split the weapon porting from CSGO about 50\50.

Count me in :slight_smile:

Oh look a big steam sale, maybe I should get some more prizes for you guys.

Just bought gift copies of torchlight 2, natural selection 2 and Batman Akram City goty edition, oh boy.

are ports eligible or from scratch models only

Ports? As in, things that wouldn’t be your own, original work?

No, they aren’t eligible.

Probably couldn’t hurt to include info on when the contest deadline is.

I’ve actually been waiting to see what kind if response I get before I put out a specific deadline, so the deadline is to be announced, for now that is.