Sooooo… I’ll be spamming some weaponrequests here :slight_smile:

  • Nukes: Build those centrifuges and stuff, fuel them, defend them, Nuke buddy.
  • Poison/Sleeping Gas: Defenders wont come out and fight? Gas them and enter
  • Slingshots ofc… wheres them slingshots at :slight_smile:
  • to be continued :stuck_out_tongue:

the game is still being properly balanced, and now you want to add nuclear weapons?

Well, ballancing is something that can be desturbed by the slightest change, so yea, first mass-add, then ballance.
Rust is lacking an equivalent to WoW raids or area unlocking events, and groups that are forced to work together to build, uphold, protect and feed nuclear facilities, become a common threat to all other groups of significant size.
This would thus generate a dynamic where at least 2 bigger groups are formed, one group that tries to make the nuke, and one group that tries to prevent that,

But then there should be something to gain, and this could be that whatever gets nuked, gets converted back into raw materials that can then be gathered in a looting frienzy by anyone that happens to have been far enough away from the area to survive the small tactical nuke, and close enough to be able to loot some before getting bolted to the ground. This would also potentially convert larger bases that contain little to no loot because its all used to build the base, into loot.

Drivable SiegeTowers

This would add a layer of paper/rock/scissors to the game of defending/raiding a base as it would overrule cupboards.
However, it would have to be transported, which is a high risk undertake. (It could also be made to look very good in the mad max scrapworld that is Rust :slight_smile: