weapons are gone in gmod :(

I was screwing around in the console command the other day and i found one called bug_swap so i tried it and my default weapons are gone (crow bar, pulse rifle, gravity gun…). All i have left are the physgun, camera, and tool gun. Does anyone know a command that gives back or something?

Have you tried puting the same command in there

yes, i have :frowning:

My advice is not to jack with console commands unless you know what they do. It can mess up a game fast. You could also look online for full list of console commands ya know.

Um, I don’t think it has anything to do with the console. In the latest gmod update, an option was added to spawn without weapons, with only the toolgun, camera, and physgun. It should be under the in-game settings.

sbox_weapons 1?

If all else fails re-install it.

the in game option for starting with weapons doesnt seem to really work any more (well, for ME atleast) after i select it i look in console and it says its in unknown command.

Are you a :yarr:Silly Pirate:yarr: ?

I bet he is XD Well try reinstalling gmod. Backup all the addons and maps you want and then reinstall gmod.

Click start with weapons when you make a game :downs:

abaster and spacewolf are right. many thanks to all you.
The moral, don’t mess with stuff you don’t know about, or it will F@#K you up : /