Weapons balance

I must say right away that the entire text was written in a translator. So I’m sorry for the inaccuracies. During the time that I have been playing rust, I have gathered a few thoughts regarding balance.
First of all, this affects rocket launchers. Due to the fact that the animation of getting it was artificially increased, the player keeps it in full readiness for the last two seconds without being able to use it. This looks extremely stupid. I would like to offer 2 options. Or reduce the time of reloading and taking out the rocket launcher to 5 seconds, slightly speeding up or slowing down the animation. Or create a new preparation animation that will look more plausible.
Next, these are small changes in the characteristics of weapons. In my opinion SAR, m39 and lr300 need small improvements. In the case of a semi automatic rifle, it will be enough for her to slightly reduce the recoil in a standing position, or increase the damage by 3-5 units. At the moment, this weapon loses even a pistol at close range. Not to mention automatic weapons. In the m39, it is enough to slightly increase the rate of fire. Or damage. Because this weapon is simply useless if the enemy is closer than 30 meters. And the last one concerns the lr300. Its too weak in comparison. Just raise its basic rate of fire to 550, and the weapon will get a second life. At the moment, with an equal game, a player with an lr300 will never win against a player with an ak47. Even mp5 has a higher dps than lr300!
And, in my opinion, this is not necessary at all, but I believe that the damage of BAR and l96 should be different. Here I would like to see exactly the same logic as with the ak47. -It’s harder to shoot, but the damage is a little more. For example, the bolt should have 5-10 units more.
I would like to believe that some of this will be added to the game) And it will become even better. Thank you if you have read to the end.