Weapons Discussion

I love the game but one thing that bugs me is how simple it is to make a gun. Might take a while but I believe there should be a bit of a bump in difficulty.
Besides whining about guns, what things would everyone like to see added to the game?
I would certainly love to add something like enhanced bows.
Better cloth like leather = Better pull = More damage and range.
Knives. Specifically easier to kill animals and humans by sneaking up on them.

What are your thoughts?
And I know it’s in alpha. Things can and WILL change. So yeah.

I feel there should be perks between using modern and primitive weapons.

Bow + arrow does 50 damage, and ignores armor.
M4 does 25 or whatever it does, and accounts armor.

Throwing knives automatically cause severe bleeding and does 35 damage.
Pistols do 45, and will at best cause moderate bleeding.

Being hit by a club will cripple you and do like 50 damage.
Being hit by a shotgun will just be a really shitty day for your hitpoints.

That’s not very realistic

Remove guns, more makeshift weapons (which I know are coming, but if they are just spray to kill guns with industrial type skins I will not be pleased.). We need more projectile weapons and weapons that don’t guarantee a kill every time (unlike the guns in right now). Rust is not a COD game, it should require some challenge to kill even a ill equipped player.

I’d be pleased if they stuck to more primitive weapons.

More stone weapons, knives, spears, javelins, slings, clubs, pointed sticks, et cetera.

I still would like guns but they should definitely be harder to get. Perhaps air-drop or otherwise crazy burning team captain rare.

Would make them desirable.
And I like hunting silently anyways :stuck_out_tongue:
More primitive weapons.

This is a survival game. iirc “survial game” != “real life” >> True

Or, y’know, primitive weapons can just be a building block to more advanced weapons. As cool as it’d be to have balance, it’s always better to have progression.

There needs to be balance and progression, progression of weapons and balance of banditry/non banditry.