Weapons for Future.

Does anyone else feel like the weapons in the reboot should be much harder to find and craft? I just feel like in the mindset of a “Survival” game weapons should only be found either in somewhat rare spawns and/or the airdrops. The whole idea of crafting an m4 rifle with just some low quality metal seems extremely unrealistic. I am liking the makeshift spears/bows/crude weapons. Seeing a rocket launcher idea just made me think really?? I mean if by chance the rocket launcher was found in an air drop ok… but don’t let people craft ammo for it don’t let people craft it.

So what do the rest of you guys/gals think about this topic?

military grade everything should be rare and non craftable IMO for the vanilla game.

The rocket launcher is being implemented to nerf the helicopters that are being added. When it comes to buildings and PvP I doubt they will do more damage than grenades.

Honestly i think the rocket launcher will be needed to trigger an “air drop.” What i believe is that when the helicopter is around someone can shoot it down, and then go to the crash site. The crash site will have loot, similar to Dayz, but it will replace airdrops. If this is so rocket launchers and the ammo will be extraordinarily expensive, therefore people probably won’t even use them for pvp

If crafting an m4 out of low quality metal is unrealistic just think how there’s red radioactive animals…but yeah maybe the vanilla ge should spawn weapons the same as they are at the moment, then there should be "no military "servers, “military” servers with increased military grade loot, and “survival” servers where you can’t craft military items

If you think that it is unrealistic to make an assault rifle without a factory & its skilled workers - think again.
The gunsmiths of Pakistan make quite effective small arms with rudamentary tools & resources.

Also, how many of you guys can make a powerful enough bow to take down a deer, let alone a bear, hmm?

Ranting aside, I do think that military/civilian firearms & ammunition & stuff of the sort should be harder to craft & get hold of in general. In my opinion, in order to craft a Kalash you would need ~5-7 blueprints to study all of the parts that you might find, either separate or as whole weapon.
When you study it, it gets destroyed, since you cut it open in order to make a blueprint in order to study it. When you have blueprints of all parts of the gun, you can craft the parts & then put them together in order to have the finished product.

Another way of doing it would be that you cant ‘study’ blueprints, meaning that when you intend to craft something advanced, say a rifle, you need to have the blueprints either on your person or in close proximity in order to make the parts you need.
Meaning without any blueprints, you cant do shit. Also meaning that loosing a blueprint now costs you much more than it did before & it also gives you a use for the paper resource.